May 04

To donate to the Canyon Bike Project ….

Use the link above to go to our GoFundMe site to contribute your cash gifts … and thank you! Your tax deductible charity contribution will be receipted for your records. If you wish to donate a bike, bike parts, bike carriers, and other bike accessories, send us an e-mail at this link:

Thanks so much for your support of our “full circle” effort.


May 03

So long, Rob.

It was with much sadness and sorrow that we learned last week of Pastor Rob Belles passing on Monday, April 25th. Rob left behind his bride April, daughter Abby, and son Eli and an entire church family. It extended into the community.

Rob was a Board Member of LoveCaldwell and worked tirelessly for the welfare of the city. A city is a gift from God, according to scripture. At the end of life, our reward of heaven is … a city,
Psalm 48:1; 87:1, and the entire chapter of Psalm 107 talks about “those poor people who don’t have a city to live in.” So the effort we place on the growth and prosperity of the city is paramount to us at LoveCaldwell.

Attached is Rob’s wife April, speaking to her church family this past Sunday, May 1st. If you don’t have 16 minutes to listen, make time.

So long, Rob. Thanks.

Apr 24

Roses rained out …

When we heard the rain at 3am, we knew it was going to be a tough morning. It’s hard enough work to plant 300 rose bushes, but even more so in the rain and muck and mud. However, a number of hearty souls showed up at Luby Park to help. Thanks to those brave enough to brave the wind and rain just in case.

We’ve rescheduled the planting for this Saturday, April 30 at 9:00am-12:00pm. Hope to see you then.


Jan 25

Help us fund the Canyon Bike Project

 LoveCaldwell’s Canyon Bike Project recently received a grocery store shopping cart by a local law enforcement agency. It is in incredibly good to excellent condition, the battery holds a strong charge, the basket isn’t all banged up and the seat isn’t torn or scuffed. It looks nearly new … just needs a good cleaning. We would like to sell it in order to put some money back into the Canyon Bike Project for marts and other items we need as we rehab and repair bikes for distribution in Canyon County.

LoveCaldwell worked to forge an agreement with Canyon County Juvenile Probation. We have kids “in the system” repairing and restoring donated bicycles, getting them road-ready, and giving them to children who would not have them otherwise … for example, the the children of the working poor or to struggling, single-parent households. Being able to find someone who can use this motorized cart, purchase it at a better-than-fair price, and help us buy the parts and accessories we need to restore these bikes will help a lot of kids this spring and summer.

If interested in the Caldwell Bike Project, or if you know someone who needs such a cart and would like to make an offer, please drop us a note at:

Do good. Love Caldwell.

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Sep 26

CompassionCaldwell 2015 — Servant Survey

If you were one of the 329 spectacular volunteers at last Saturday’s CompassionCaldwell event, we’d love to have your feedback. Can you help? Just 10 questions will take (maybe) 3 minutes. We gave you a free t-shirt this year. Just sayin’

Sep 09

We’re closing in on 300 volunteers …

As of early this afternoon, we are nearing the three hundred number (283). We are amazed, delighted and overjoyed at the way Caldwell comes together when a need is expressed and opportunities are given. Last year, almost 90% of those who volunteered said they would do it again … and it looks like they were serious. We’re looking for a great day of service and building meaningful relationships with neighbors who don’t necessarily need government programs, but need friends and advocates.

Aug 19

LoveCaldwell gives to the Caldwell Veterans Memorial Hall

troops-first-feherety-logo LC-VetsOn Monday, August 10th our modest LoveCaldwell group presented the Caldwell Veterans Memorial Hall with a contribution in the amount of $500, and Troops First a gift of more than $1,800 from the proceeds of the first Caldwell 4th of July Golf Scramble. Thanks for helping us do good!

Aug 18

Second call for volunteers!

We’ve been blown away by the amount of support shown to CompassionCaldwell 2015. We are way ahead of last year’s pace when it comes to volunteers, and we’re looking to keep the momentum going. If you have not signed up yet, please do so at your earliest convenience. We need to order shirts this week and we need to know your size so we can have it fit you!

You can sign up at:

Look for a service team that fits your skill-set, or, just check on either Hospitality of Connections for a more general volunteer experience. It looks like it’s goiDSCN3614ng to be bigger and better than last year, and it’s good to serve alongside the wonderful people of Caldwell.

Jul 13

How did people feel about serving last year? Here’s what our follow-up survey told us.

How often do you volunteer to serve in the community? %
This was my first time ever 16.84%
Maybe a few times a year 55.79%
Every chance I get 27.37%
If you signed up on the website, did you get a follow-up acknowledgement?
Yes 91.11%
Nope 4.44%
It might have ended up in my spam folder. I didn’t see one. 4.44%
On Saturday morning, how would you rate the sign-in process?
Seemed well organized and effective 27.37%
Okay I guess 23.16%
I think you’ll get the bugs worked out for next year 49.47%
Was the orientation meeting on Friday night helpful?
Yes. It answered many of my questions. 63.44%
Everything I needed to know I could have learned Saturday morning. 8.60%
I did not attend. 27.96%
On the day of the event, were your questions as a volunteer handled
promptly and courteously by a Team Leader?
Yes. I was very well treated 91.21%
No. I was kind of left hanging a lot of times 8.79%
I didn’t feel valued 0.00%
Is this something you can see yourself doing again, and maybe
inviting a friend to come with you?
Yes 88.30%
No 1.06%
I’m looking forward to it. 10.64%
Would you like to stay informed on other organized volunteer opportunities in Caldwell?
Absolutely 92.31%
No thanks 7.69%

Jul 13

Compassion Caldwell coming this September 19th

This is our first call for volunteers! Save the date!

DSCN3623 DSCN3674
Last year 317 men, women and children from all over the area combined their efforts in the first CompassionCaldwell event at Canyon Springs High School where we served over 350 people with free dental, medical, hair, and foot care … along with making access easier to vital support services available in our area.

In our follow-up survey, over 88% of those who served that day said they would love to do it again.

So be watching this space—as well as our Facebook page—for details on how to sign up for one of the 15 service teams that will be organized to serve the neediest of our citizen on that day.

See highlights from last year’s CompassionCaldwell!

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